Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Prostitution and "Crime"

Prostitution is an honorable trade.

If a therapist can get $160 an hour to bring a little stress relief to a repressed yuppie, what makes that same degree of stress relief provided by a prostitute less valuable, honorable or useful? Arguably, prostitutes get the same result in 20 minutes that therapists get over a year of therapy.

This is an opinion that is decidedly unpopular among many people who make over $14,000 a year. And also among many people who make decidedly less than that, working as actual prostitutes.

I'm going to make this as simple as possible for everyone, regardless of how many brain cells you have:

Prostitutes are PEOPLE. Humans like you, with bills, kids, ambitions, and crappy relationships with others who take advantage of them. But the difference between you and them is that they can't do what they get paid to do without getting arrested. Check out this article, if you don't believe me. These people are getting put in jail.

For having sex.

As long as prostitution is illegal, we are cultivating a culture of human trafficking. We are aiding and abetting the rape, robbery, and exploitation of minors, young men, young women, women and men brought to America to service the seedy, shadowed, disreputable wealthy elite who have no problem getting jobs making over six figures a year.

It is time to grant sex-workers the same status as chefs, bankers, police officers, and politicians. Ok, maybe they need a better status than politicians, since they actually relieve stress instead of creating more stress.

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